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Traveling With Topdeck Travel

January 26, 2018
topdeck travel

I recently went on quite the adventure! I spent two weeks in December traveling around the Southwest States with Topdeck Travel. And I really wasn’t sure what to expect since I had never done a group trip before. But, I can honestly say, I had a blast!

Traveling With Topdeck Travel

topdeck travel

Before traveling with Topdeck, I was really nervous showing up to that first-day meeting point. I was anxious to find out who else would be on the 15-day trip I was about to embark on. Turns out, there was nothing to be nervous about.

The morning of the tour kick off, I arrived early and struck up a conversation with one of the girls in the lobby. From there we went to have a meeting with the tour leader. During this meeting, we got a general overview of our tour, some of the extra activities, the included dinners, and activities, and we introduced ourselves.

Shortly after we departed for our first destination!

Southwest States Tour

topdeck travel

I signed up for the Southwest States Tour. It’s the first half (or second half depending on where your tour starts) of the Roadtrip USA tour. My tour went from LA to Las Vegas, to the Grand Canyon, to Durango, CO, to Monument Valley, to Santa Fe, to Amarillo, to San Antonio, to Austin, to New Orleans. The tour has slightly changed so I would just head over to the site to check out the new itinerary!

The tour was a blast. I was the only American, but I didn’t feel left out (okay I didn’t get some of the things everyone was talking about, but they all explained things to me if I needed). Everyone was so friendly, it wasn’t cliquey (which is what I was really nervous of), and we all genuinely had fun together. Plus, I now have forty people I can go visit in Australia!

Should I Do a Tour?

topdeck travel

I have always been a solo traveler, so Topdeck was definitely out of my comfort zone. And I can honestly say that I would go on a tour with them again. I think that Topdeck Travel is a great way to see a country that might be difficult to do on your own (whether that’s for safety purposes or the size of the country). It’s also a great way for you to meet people — and they have tours of all sizes, so even if you want to just do one for a few days, you’re covered.

I really enjoyed myself and I’m definitely hoping to travel with Topdeck again this year!

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