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A New Perspective: My Favorite Drone Instagram Accounts

July 3, 2017
drone instagram accounts

I really enjoy doing these little Instagram round ups over here on the blog! So next up is my favorite drone Instagram accounts. The introduction to drones into the Instagram world is so much fun because it’s a new perspective then what we usually see. There are so many gorgeous images out there that were captured using a drone.

Perhaps my favorite part about drone photography is that you get to see all of these crazy textures that you wouldn’t see just looking at a scene. Because the aerial aspect gives you an amazing perspective that you wouldn’t have been able to see without hopping on a helicopter or plane, it makes photos more interesting. I’m seriously considering purchasing a drone, but until then, I will play around with my friend’s as well as scour through Instagram for some awesome drone Instagram accounts.

Drone Instagram Accounts To Follow


Summer vibes ? | by @asenseofhuber ⠀ – #droneheroes #staffpick

A post shared by DRONEHEROES® (@droneheroes) on

First up, a fun curation account that features images from all over the world.


Lucky country ?✨ . . #saltywings #summersitejourneys #hbouthere #australia #seeaustralia #fromwhereidrone

A post shared by SALTY WiNGS (@saltywings) on

Most of the photos posted on this account are from Australia and each time I see one on my feed, Australia gets higher up on my bucket list.


Tiny in pink paradise ? #tinydronehumans ?: @waterproject

A post shared by Tiny Drone Humans ⍟ (@tinydronehumans) on

My friend Mel curates this account and it features drone images that have tiny humans in it. And this is the account that made me really want to buy a drone.


New theme! This week –> Cars! ?? – Join us #dronelibrary

A post shared by DRONE COMMUNITY (@dronelibrary) on

Each week there is a new theme, making this a fun feed to watch.


? ?? Madeira, Portugal #dronenature #madeira ↠

A post shared by Drone Nature ? (@dronenature) on

This account always features gorgeous landscapes from above.


Dimensions ??

A post shared by Alex Von Kalckstein (@zandrones) on

Alex flies drones and makes gorgeous imagery! And you can even buy prints from him!

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