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MHM: What’s in my Carry On?

August 5, 2015

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When I travel I have a few essentials that I just have to carry on the plane with me. Whether its out of necessity or comfort, these are a few things that always make the trip with me.

1. A great backpack that can hold all of my things. I don’t like to travel with a shoulder bag. I find backpacks to be more comfortable, bigger and they make my travel days a whole lot easier.

2. I always use a pouch to store my wallet, passport, ID, headphones and anything else that I will need to pull out of my bag quickly. I find that its just easier to organize your backpack with the help of a great little pouch (that can also double as a clutch during your travels!).

3. Earbuds because I don’t like big headphones. They hurt my ears and I can’t sleep with them because I usually grab a window seat and I like to be able to lean against the window. Earbuds allow me more comfort during a long flight.

4. I feel like my iPhone is pretty self explanatory! It’s my number one necessity.

5. My passport! By far the most important thing to bring with me.

6/7. My iPad is perfect to watch movies, to play games, and to read. It definitely helps pass the time on flights.

8. A water bottle is important to bring because water usually costs about $4 in an airport. These kinds are great because they roll up nicely and fit very well in your bag. Just make sure you empty it out before heading through security.

9. I always forget to stay hydrated both before, during and after a flight. Slimquick Pure helps me out because it not only tastes delicious, but it’s also filled with antioxidants, vitamin D and green tea! It boosts my metabolism and gives me energy. (It also doesn’t hurt that it curbs your appetite if you aren’t a big fan of plane food). Save $5 on your own drink mix!

10. An eye mask is essential for keeping me comfortable when I’m trying to catch some Zzzz’s.

11/12. Occasionally I leave myself some posts to work on if a flight is long. So my laptop is key.

13/14/15. I always pack a face lotion and hand lotion in my bag because I want to keep moisturized on the airplane. The cabin air gets really dry so this is important. I also bring misting spray to help restore moisture when necessary.


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