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The Best Instagram Accounts That Inspire You To Visit Europe

June 28, 2017
Instagram Accounts That inspire You To Visit Europe

A week from today I will be back in Europe! I can’t believe it! It’s been nearly three years since I’ve been back in my favorite continent and I am so eager to return. As of now, I will be heading to Portugal, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Belgium, and England (and I still have two weeks in there to play around with). I cannot wait and I have been scouring through Instagram looking for inspiration for my six week trip! So today I’m bringing you a roundup of the best Instagram accounts that inspire you to visit Europe. If you have any other ones, please leave them in the comments as I’m always looking for more people to follow (bonus if they don’t have a bajillion followers)!

The Best Instagram Accounts That Inspire You To Visit Europe

1. Gaia Ferrari Melilla (@lagaiavita)

Gaia takes some of the most dreamy photos of Italy. Seriously the tones she uses make you feel warm inside and want to travel to Italy ASAP.

2. Caitlin Collins (@augustaleighphoto)

I’ve been following Caitlin for a few years now and it’s been so fun watching her adventures around Europe. She’s originally from America but now calls Berlin home!

3. Caroline (@thebelleabroad)

first stop ✋ #Oia ?? can still hear the music flowing off of @uniquecruise ?? #thebelleabroad #greece #anchored #anchored2017

A post shared by the belle abroad | caroline (@thebelleabroad) on

Another awesome lady I’ve been following since I lived in Europe! Caroline and I have actually been emailing for years. She’s been living in London and is frequently exploring Europe!

4. Ellie Quinn (@thewanderingquinn)

This list has a bit of a theme of people I’ve been following and chatting with for years (and hopefully meeting during my upcoming trip). Ellie and I started talking when I was in Italy too ( I think), if not, it was while she was traveling around SE Asia. Regardless, she too calls London home, but uses her weekends to venture off to Europe (most recently Spain!).

5. Mark And Mimi (@thecommonwanderer)

Traveling couple Mark and Mimi have been all over the world. The Australian duo have traveled to over 30 countries together and they’ve been spending a lot of time in Europe recently!

6. Yishyene (@smallcrazy)

I love following Yishyene! Her feed is filled with color, which is of course my favorite. She lives in Porto and explores the world, most recently visiting Turkey! I’m actually meeting up with her next week!

7. Mollie Bylett (@wheresmollie)

I’ve been following Mollie for over a year at this point and not only does she have a really fun Instagram account, she also vlogs from her destinations so you can really get a great look at what she’s up to!

8. Jess Gibson (@thetravelista)

Jess is one of the sweetest people I’ve met on the Instagram world and she’s always off a new adventure. Her latest one brought her to Spain too!

9. Sabina (@girlvsglobe)

Sabina is always smiling and it’s so fun to see her adventures. She headed to Menorca with a ton of bloggers/grammers a few months ago and it looked so fun!

10. Nicola Easterby (@polkadotpassport)

Last weekend's getaway to Porto was an absolute delight. I guess you could say this city stole a port of my heart ??

A post shared by Nicola Easterby ??✈️ (@polkadotpassport) on

You know those people you follow that you want to be friends with? That’s Nicola for sure! She is always having amazing adventures (she’s currently living in Spain learning Spanish) and she always has them with a smile on her face!

11. Ashley Buchanan (@historyinhighheels)

A much-deserved beach oasis after a long hike!

A post shared by History In High Heels (@historyinhighheels) on

I’ve known Ashely for a few years now. I met her while I was living in Italy! She combines fashion, history, and travel to create some pretty epic photos!

12. Dave Jones (@jonesaroundtheworld)

So I know Dave, but I actually haven’t met him in person. He used to work in Italy too, a few years before me. He’s currently back in Florence (I can’t wait to see photos) and I couldn’t be more jealous!

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  • Yishyene July 17, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    Aw I just saw this!! Somehow missed the Facebook notification!

    Glad we got to meet – we should plan a trip together sometime.. Enjoy the rest of your travels!!! <3

    • July 26, 2017 at 9:47 am

      me too! and yesssss please lets do something!

  • Mike Clegg - Travel and Destinations July 19, 2017 at 2:03 pm

    Thanks for sharing these awesome suggestions! Love their photos and they definitely make me want to visit Europe!

    • July 26, 2017 at 9:47 am

      right! major travel inspiration!