Welcome to Travel Colorfully! I’m glad you decided to stop by my little slice of the internet.

After studying abroad in Paris during college and not having the kind of experience that I had wanted, I thought living abroad and long term travel was not for me.

A few years later, an opportunity to go live in Florence for a year and work at a travel company fell into my lap. I knew that I had to accept the position. In a way, it came at the perfect time. I was unhappy in my current situation and I knew that I had to prove to myself that I could live in another country, in a different timezone, away from my family and still be able to have an amazing time.

I ended up falling in love with Florence and travel and haven’t looked back since.

After I returned home from Italy, I looked for ways to visit another side of the world. I decided to move to Thailand for five months to teach English. When I was finished I spent about four months traveling around Southeast Asia before ending my trip in Japan.

Throughout the past two years, my travels have allowed me to grow as a person and learn from my mistakes and struggles. Life definitely isn’t always as perfect as an Instagram photo while you’re traveling and it’s important to remember that. I wouldn’t change a thing.

I have no intention of putting my suitcase in storage anytime soon, so stay tuned for more of my adventures!

Tentative plans for Travel Colorfully in 2017

Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Cuba, Columbia, Peru, South Africa, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Slovenia, Italy, The Netherlands, and Malta. Interested in working with me in any of these places? Shoot me an email at taylor_fuller@me.com.